The Living Room Tour

Barstow, CA/Las Vegas, NV/ Pheonix, AZ

Sorry to do these places in one post but we weren’t going out and sight seeing as much as just hanging out with people at their homes.

Before leaving the LA area we stopped at a great coffee shop called Augies. The staff was so cheerful and the drinks were great. I of course got a cappuccino and it was excellent.

Barstow is in the middle of nowhere and while it doesn’t have much to offer as far as tourist attractions go it is home to the first Del Taco restaurants ever made. Everyone was really nice and the show went well. Unfortunately my photos from that night were erased before i could get them to my computer. Sorry Barstow!

The house we played at in Vegas was really nice, with a fireplace and candles and everything. It was a packed living room set and there was a lot of hang out time afterwards. In the Morning they made us German Waffles which was something new for us. So good!

In the bathroom upstairs they had an interesting little collection next to the sink that made us a little on edge while brushing our teeth…

The Phoenix hosts were some of the nicest people i have ever met. When we got there they made us a dinner of “Mexican Pizzas”. These tasted so great! For desert we had delicious pumpkin pie. You can see from the picture in the gallery that they love whipped cream as much as i do. The show went really well and afterwards they fed every single person that attended. They were so giving and kind. It was very inspiring.

-Joey V


LA/Orange County, CA

On our way to the LA area we stopped in Santa Barbara, CA to see a girl i am in love with. She showed me the community garden she has a spot at and made us the most incredible dinner i have ever tasted. To see details on that click here.

The show that night was at a close friend of ours and it was a huge hang out night with a lot of familiar faces. There was a fire outside and we ate some vegetarian pizzas from Trader Joes for dinner.

The next day i walked around Hollywood for a while. Stopped by Inteligencia Coffee for a second, decided not to wait in the huge line. Ive heard its amazing though. I met a friend and he took me to Umami Burger for probably the best burger i have ever tasted. The Truffle burger with sweet potato fries and a umami pale ale. It was amazing!

The show was at The Azusa University Apartments common room. There were a lot of kids and everyone was so friendly. There were a lot of great snacks and the hosts fed us a perfectly roasted chicken with rice and vegetables. Ive included a sweet painting of a storm trooper one of them painted. It was a really great night.

-Joey V


NorCal playlist

The Decemberests- The Crane Wife (JV 4.5/JS 4)

Coldplay- Mylo Xyloto (JV 3/JS 3.5)

Misery Signals- Mirrors (JV 4/JS 4)

Beach Boys- Pet Sounds (JV 4/JS 4.5)

Dr. Dog- We All Belong (JV 3.5/JS 3.5)

The Villagers- Becoming A Jackal (JV 4/JS 4)

The Format- Dog Problems (JV 4/JS 3.5)

Sixpence None The Richer- Divine Discontent (JV 4.5/JS 4)

Sleeping at Last(JV 3.5/JS 4.5)

Miike Snow- Self titled (JV 3/JS 3)

While in San Francisco

Fresno, CA

The Fresno set was awesome! The hosts were really professional and everything went smoothly. They fed us some pasta and some apple cider and we played to a packed house. Great night!

-Joey V

Gilroy, CA

We stayed with my Cousins in Santa Rosa, CA the night before and they made us a terrific breakfast of beans and pepper burritos with salsa and avocado. I hadnt seen them for a few years, and they are the nicest people and were so giving and kind. So great to see them.

After that we headed into San Francisco for some tourist activity. We met some close friends at the Ferry Building for Blue Bottle Coffee. We all got cappuccinos because they make the best. Its a must.

We went and ate at the American Grilled Cheese Restaurant for lunch and it was amazing. I got the Mushroom Gruyere and Jeremy the Jalapeno Popper. Went so well with the wheat ale on tap. So Tasty!

The Gilroy show was in a really cool barn. There were a lot of people and it was a little cold, but it was a cool new element for the tour to be in an old barn with everyone.

-Joey V

Santa Rosa, CA

Before heading to Santa Rosa we stopped in a really nice little town called Davis, CA for some coffee and breakfast at an awesome little shop called Barista Brew Cafe. We both got an Americano and Jeremy got a breakfast burrito and i had the Mediterranean veggie sandwich. So good!

The set that night was at a radio station called Broken FM. They were having us come and play at an event being held for people who had donated to the station. It was a great atmosphere and there was a lot of chatting between us and the crowd. They fed us In and Out Burger for dinner. If you dont eat meat try the grilled cheese with everything; its really good.

-Joey V

Sacramento, CA

Before we left for Sacramento we stopped in for a cup of coffee at a great place called Noble Coffee. The roast everything in house including a few types of espresso beans which is a rare thing for a lot of shops. We both had really good americanos. The drive after that to California was a long one so we didnt stop too to see much, but it was so beautiful and the weather was so nice.

The apartment we played at that night was packed! A lot of people showed up and we had a really great time. They fed us kung pow chicken pizza. Spicy!

-Joey V

Oregon playlist

Lot of short trips for these drives. These are the ones we got through all the way.

Beastie Boys- license to Ill (JV 3/JS 2.5)

Deer in the Headlights- Small Steps, Heavy Hooves (JV 4/JS 4.5)

Muse- Absolution (JV 3.5/JS 3.5)

Idiot Pilot- Wolves (JV 4/JS 3)

Foster the People (JV 2.5/JS 3)

The Dodos- Visitors (JV 3/JS 2.5)

Salem, OR/Grants Pass, OR

Salem had a few little show changes that threw us off a bit, so there isnt a lot covered on here. It was still a cool stop though. Make sure you stop at Broadway Coffee. They let us move the show there last minute and their staff was so cool and into it.

On our way out we stopped at a Mcmenamins because i had never been there. It was so amazing. They take old buildings and turn them into themed restaurants. This one was on a river front with an amazing view. We had Raspberry Stouts with a grilled Ahi Sandwich. I would share a picture of the sandwich but it was gone before i could even think to pull my camera out.

We stopped at a Place in Eugene called the Wandering goat. We had broken down on a tour at the beginning of the year and this place was where we spent the 26 hours waiting for the bus to be fixed. They gave us free baked goods and coffee and were really great. Everything is baked and brewed in store and it all tastes amazing.

The show was at a house in the middle of a forest with a candlelit room for the show. They fed us barbecue chicken and chili with garlic bread. The family was so kind to us and supportive of what we do. You dont often meet older people who really understand what you are doing and respect it.

We then hit up an irish pub called Patty’s and watched some Karaoke. Didnt participate this time unfortunately we were too late. Next time.

-Joey V

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